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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 6, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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crews are on the scene of an early-morning accident that
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collapsed part of the scaffolding here at this building. we'll tell what you needs to be done before this road can open. hamid karzai making comments that are making headlines. a man has died after being hit while crossing this busy intersection in san jose. we'll tell you why police need your help. the best around. >> well, we'll tell you why dozens of bread lovers are camped out right now in the south bay. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. we're tracking developing news of an accident that shut down a san francisco intersection. a driver took out a fire hydrant at folsom and essex
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near the onramp to the bay bridge. claudine wong is out there. are they getting close to reopening it yet, claudine? >> reporter: well, close, probably not but they are doing some important work right now. within the last half-hour since we last checked in with you, the crews for this scaffolding company have started to arrive. once the bus gets out of the way, you can see the work they are doing. what they told me they need to do is repair the collapsed bottom part of the scaffolding. once they do that -- and that could take a while -- then they will test it to make sure it is safe. if you pan across essex, you can see the entire area is shut down. that's because the fire department is out there. if there's any question about the structural integrity. this is entrance to the bay bridge.
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traffic at this point, just has to go around. let me show you video from this morning. it was about 3:0 that a san francisco police officer try -- 3:30 that a san francisco police officer tried to stop a vehicle. that vehicle hit the fire hydrant. now, the water went into the air about 30 feet were the estimates of the fire department. it went underneath the fire department. what wasn't already buckled by the crash became forced by the water. 50,000 gallons of water estimated to spill out. they cleaned that up, cleared the scene. now we have the issue of getting the scaffolding fix and stabilized. i did talk to the scaffolding crews. they said all they could do was a visual inspection and get
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that fixed and put it upright. how long, they said it could be a few hours? they said we'll keep an eye on the situation here and let you know what it dash this is the street -- what it is. -- is the offramp. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the victim of a hit and run in the south bay has died. it happened yesterday in san jose. ktvu's janine de la vega has been there since 4:30 this morning talking to people who say they know the dangers in the area. janine? >> reporter: well, dave this intersection quinnby road, the traffic is picking up. there are a lot of pedestrians in the area at that time when this happened. police say around 5:45 last night a man was crossing the
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intersection struck him and -- and was struck. his identify city not being released until his next of skin notified. police are looking for anyone who saw anything. police say it's disappointing that the driver acted so callous. >> it's sad that we have to -- you know, you have to obey the laws when you cross the street. obey the laws. >> reporter: we don't know if. victim was jaywalking or -- we don't know if the victim was jaywalking or was on the sidewalk. the speed limit on the road here is 40 miles an hour. we're waiting for a call back from police to see if they can
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tell us how fast the suspect vehicle was going. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:05. well, the chp will give us new details about the suspects arrested in connection with robberies at the carquinez bridge tollbooths. ktvu news broke this story back in february. at least two toll takers have been robbed on the bridge. the chp said they will announce more information later today. this the rain is finally -- has finally cleared out of the bay area. there's still a lot of cleanup to do including in la fayette. city leaders have approved an emergency declaration making $1 million available for repairs. this 15-foot deep whole opened up aand crews have set up a temporary channel. they are still searching for a pipe to make a permanent fix.
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in sonoma county, a five- mile stretch is closed because of a mud and rockslide. drivers are being detoured. repave work -- repair work is expected to get underway but cal tran says the stretch of highway -- the stretch of the highway will remain closed until it is repaired. vine mill at 17 it -- vinehill at 17 is back ohm. homeowners are discuss -- is back open. homeowners are discussing bond measures to help keep roads better maintained. stay with us. you can get up-to-the-minute information by downloading the ktvu app or go to and
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look fogger stormwatch -- and look for the stormwatch tag. hamid karzai, criticizing the united states during an interview with nbc news. president karzai blamed u.s. and nato forces for some of the insecurity in his country. he says he doesn't like the act that hundreds of prisoners are still being helled from the country and he signed that back in march with the president obama. he says he will not sign any more agreements with the u.s. until those prisoners are transferred. well, the fiscal cliff is looming unless congress takes action to avoid it. coming up at 7:15, the number of california defense department jobs that could be
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lost if automatic trick -- automatic tax cuts are formed. bill clinton says he's not sure if hillary clinton will run for president. she said she does not want to continue a secretary of state for president obama's second term. she said she wants to focus on issues to -- that are important to women. let's see what tara is seeing on 880. >> we have a lot of traffic on pinole and then past the golden gate gate.
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we're in berkeley/emeryville. we have a traffic issue in here. 280, northbound towards santa clara, looking pretty bad. give yourself extra time. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. there's definitely some breaks in the clouds. jive seen gusts to 25 miles per hour. i dent think this -- i've seen gusts to 25 miles per hour. i don't think this -- this breeze can helpster things up a little bit. still some low clouds around. i'm seeing breaks in the clouds for san jose. kind of a cooler pattern with the northwest wind. mostly sunny, though, today, no rain except we're done for a while. in fact, as the pattern changes here, even the higher clouds will stay to the north as
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everything starts to build offshore. independent self -- instead of 58, 59. everything staying north for now. the breeze should turn more northerly as we head towards friday night and saturday. so fog, sun, breezy. that west to northwest wind out there. not outrageous. but it's showing itself. we'll take that right into your weekend as well. that could be pockets of fog, thick fog. but for the weekend, it looks sun? dry and temperatures are on the mild side. a couple in morgan hill is facing felony charges accused of kidnapping a handy man and forcing him to work around the
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home. the couple lured the handy man to the home on monday on the pretense of doing repair work. the handyman said the suspects threatened his life, held him against his will and forced him to do repair work. he said he was held for about seven years. he managed to get away to a second home where the couple was forcing him to do even more work. the colorado theater is preparing to reopen and how they aring if to -- going to encourage -- how they are going to encourage people to return. n
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7:14. the aurora, colorado movie theater that was -- that was the scene of a deadly shooting rampage is scheduled to reopen next month on january 18th. a gunman opened fire back in july during a midnight premiere during the latest batman movie. the theater has been undergoing a remodel and will show free movies during the first couple of days of the reopening. according to published reports, a university psychiatrist reached out to police after holmes talked
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about killing himself. highs psychiatrist decided not to put him on a hold because he was withdrawing from the university. there could be new hope for international agreement on how to end syrian's civil war. secretary of state hillary clinton will meet today with sir yearia -- syria. the u.s. and russia had been on opposite sides of the conflict of syria with russia expressing support. but today's meeting suggestions a possible compromise. this comes as fox news is reporting that the syrian military has moved to mix deadly chemical weapons. they will not confirm whether
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they have the weapons, only saying that they would never use those weapons against their own people. president obama and john boehner will talking on the phone about the fiscal cliff. still, there's no real progress. this all comes as another republican says he's willing to break ranks regarding this. tom coburn said that he -- some are looking for a way to save grace as they move in. allison turns reports, hundreds of thousands of california jobs could be lost.
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alison? >> reporter: and dave, the defense industry projects about 135,000 jobs would be lost in california over the next few years if those tax increases and massive spending cuts kick in at the end of this month. if there's no deal on those, the pentagon was initially told not to plan for the cuts. that's all changed. in the last 24 hours, the pentagon leaders say they are preparing to slice about 10% of the budget. if we go over the fiscal cliff experts predict one in five defense contracts in california could be -- would be lost. both parties say there's still time to reach a deal and avoid those major losses. >> nobody wants to get this done more than me. >> our goal is to make sure this gets resolved. and i'm available any moment to sit down with the president to solve this. >> reporter: and leon panetta will speak to reporters from the pentagon in about an hour
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ago. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 81-year-old former senator allen simpson wants young people to get involved in reducing the national debt. so he's appearing in a youtube video called "the can kicks back." >> stop instagramming your breakfast and tweeting your problems and getting on youtube toe you -- so you can see gang new hampshire style. ♪ >> yeah, there -- gang nam style. >> yeah, there is he.
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he says take before or the cold coots will take over before you get there. grady allen died tuesday of cardiac arrest at the able of 66 and before the game, roger goodell will speak at a fan forum in oakland in the oracle arena. about 150 raiders' season ticketholders were selected to take part. the game will commemorate 50 years of the nfl. this afternoon, the san francisco 49ers. and coming up, the signing ceremony to mark the special occasion. we have an update on the name of the woman bicyclist shot and killed in berkeley. this is a story we told you about live. police say 50-year-old pamela mullins was shot around 11:30 tuesday night t happened right next to longfellow middle school on sacramento streets. we don't know if she was targeted. so far no arrests have been
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made. a bizarre story, a northern california man charged with imprisoning his ex-wife in his attic. authorities in oroville, 70 miles north of sacramento, say the victim was tortured and raped readily -- allegedly by lawson ranken. >> she was up there because she wanted to be up there. >> why would she want to be up there for two weeks? >> the woman's family disagrees with that. they called the sheriff's department and they say they broke through some recently installed drywall and found the woman injured but still alive. the rain's moved out but now some fog has moved in. which parts of the bay area are still socked in and when you can expect to finally see some sunshine. remember that horrible
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accident on the golden gate bridge. what may have prevented that from happening. highway 24, looking a little foggy out there. it's very congested, your westbound commute toward the tunnel. we'll have an update -- next.
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a new jersey congressman is calling for tighter regulation of the train industry after this derailment and spill. he says train companies cannot effectively regulate himself. it's believed the procedural problem caused this derailment in new jersey last friday. the crash released vinyl chloride in the air and forced hundreds from their homes. golden gate officials acknowledge that the head-on collision yesterday that injured three people could have been avoided. we brought you updates. bridge officials say the
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accident could have had a different outcome had a long- plan moveable median been in place. there's been talk of the cement barrier for 15 years. but the plans have hit numerous snags. the design work is in final place and that means the medians could be in place by 2014. dig natarities and construction -- dignitaries and construction workers will be writing their names in. 7:26. we want to check in with tara, filling in, once again, for sal. >> there's been an accident in the union city area. it's causing some delays. there it is right there and 880 northbound at whipple road.
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it's causing slowdowns and then in the southbound directions as well. up next, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. you will be sitting in it. i do want to mention that the offramp in san francisco is open. if you need to use it, you can use it. you have to go around. and since most people come from folsom that can be a problem. 7:5. here's5 -- 725. 7:25. there are some breaks in the clouds. it looks like a sunny day once we get the fog bank to burn off. this could be misty conditions, i think most of the low cloud
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deck has lifted. mostly sunny, breezy at times. we don't have have to worry about any rain for a while. the 7 to 10-day outlook is dry. that means sunshine and probably a wipeout. 60s today for highs. it looks like we're here. thankfully, things were a little busy there. yeah, real busy. there's still some problems because of those recent storms. we'll tell you one peninsula community that is having us conserve water. >> reporter: we're live in sunnyvale, california where more than 100 people are lining up. we'll give you the reason why. ñ?
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a fatal house fire in san francisco is being called suspicious. crews were called to st. charles avenue around 8:30 last night. christien kafton is at the scene with a look at the damage and the challenge firefighters face. good morning. >> reporter: we've learned a lot of new information in the last 45 minutes. we spoke to the neighbor as the home was burning. you can see some of the debris in front the home here.
7:31 am
we've learned from the neighbor that the victim of this fire was the woman who lived here. one woman who lived here in this home in her os. she was the only -- in her 60s. she was the only woman in here. a little later on, she tried to make inly dr. firefighters were called to the scene. the fire broke out after 8:30. crews say flames and smoke were pouring out of the windows when they arrived and they discoveredded the victim on the second floor. now, we spoke with one neighbor this morning who said he was shaken by but -- by what he saw here last night. >> every time i close my eyes, that's all i see. i see them bringing her down the stairs and laying her down there. i haven't been to sleep yet. >> come -- >> now, we've -- we've learned that the building has been red
7:32 am
tagged. jose, that neighbor that we spoke with, a little earlier, tells us that the fire was accidental. that's at least what firefighters were telling him last night that they believe the fire started in the kitchen of the home and then spread throughout the home and the only victim was the sole occupant of the building. a woman in her 60s. we will continue to follow up with the fire investigators looking into the fire. they are concerned about how quickly the fire spread to the building and the fact that all of the -- they want to make sure all of the ts are crossed and all of the is are dotted. we're live in san francisco. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. contra costa county sheriff's office, they've now
7:33 am
detained a possible suspect in a homicide in pleasantville. officers found the body at the offramp of 680 and concord avenue. there is a homeless camp in the area. investigators are expected to release more information later today. we now know what happened to the missing couple valve -- traveling in the sierra. 43-year-old roderick clifton and 44-year-old paula lane disappeared lass thursday. their jeep got stuck in the snow. a family member found lane crawling on the side of thely looking for help. clifton did not survive. we'll have a live from the hospital where lane is recovering. recreational use of marijuana is illegal in washington state. this is after the new law took
7:34 am
effect at midnight. technically, it's not legal to smoke pot in public. >> you also want grow or sell marijuana -- you also cannot grow or sell marijuana. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> that couple there, they've been together for 5 years. now it is legal for same-sex couples to get married in washington. they were in dozens more -- they and dozens more lined up outside of the administration. it is 7:33. repair work is expected to begin today on highway 1 alook the sonoma coast where rainy weather caused a slide forcing a close between meyers grade and timber. a detour is in place on valley
7:35 am
ford food between petaluma and bodega bay. >> i'm not gonna take a chance torren the car. it happens every year. everybody out here is used to to it -- used to it. >> drivers should allow for extra time because of the detour. residents in la honda, you have to cut back on your water use for the next couple of days. the department of public works says sediment has been turned up and may take three days before the water is clear enough and back -- is clear enough to drink. in the meantime, they are outsourcing in or water. look for and look for
7:36 am
the stormwatch tab right near the top of the page and we have updates on twitter and facebook. dozens of people are lining up outside of a few south bay bakery. brian flores joins us from sunnyvale to let us know what all of the excitement is about. >> reporter: the excisement, right here. this is the reason why people are in line this morning. about 80 people so far are lined up here in sunnyvale. they are waiting for a free love of bread today. one love of bread for the rest of the year. this line continues to grow. so far there are about 0 people again. this is the latest location for the bakery in the south bay. the other locations are at valley fair mall and they are opening up one in cupertino. many of the people in line say they love to get their sourdough. this location here in the south bay makes it worth it.
7:37 am
we spoke with the master baker and he explains the process of making sourdough. we spoke to the couple who drove down from sacramento yesterday afternoon. >> it took me three days. three days to make one loaf of bread. the process is simple but it is long because this is very slow from the process. only simple four ingredient, flour, water, salt and a piece of the mother dough that actually date back to 1899. >> we love this bread. we're excited. it's great. how often do you get to get something like this? a year's worth of bread. it's a lot. we'll use some, give some away. it will be great. >> reporter: and many people say they are here in line because they are getting a free loaf of bread for a year and are sending this bread to other friends in other parts of the
7:38 am
world because they love the sourdough bread so much. inside are the coupons. that's what people are waiting for. the line continues to grow. you still have a little bit of time left. i'm not exactly sure how many spots are left open but i got mine and i'm gonna enjoy this one. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:37. we're still gonna get you to where you need to go. particularly tara, the east bay, not looking good? >> yeah, union city, hayward, 880 is congested. let's take a look at the maps. we have an accident on the shoulder at whipple road. this is in the southbound direction. it's causing some delays and we have the center line blocked at 880 southbound at jackson street. across the bray here, you can see we have another accident, i- 80 northbound at the 92 split. give yourself some extra time
7:39 am
because it looks like there's a lot of debris in the roadway, they have moved it over. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that traffic is backed up. the metering lights are on. highway 4, you can see we have slow traffic westbound. they are a little bit more of a breeze kicking in. that's going to help stir things around. there were some pockets of fog. so far it just seems to be cloudy to mostly cloudy. a little bit cooler. 51. 52, santa rosa and a little breeze is also helping stir things up and keep the temperatures. but a northwest breeze is scouring out some of the fog. whole patterns change. it looks like we go very quiet. i think the wind will kick up. no rain for a while. a very cold pattern will dive
7:40 am
into montana, idaho and utah an rockies. but for us, it will be dry. some of that fog, i don't think has much of a chance. overnight lows could be ditching lower as more of the northwest wind kicks in, that should take care of the fog. the weekend always in view, dry, sunny noria while. how apple's stock is doing today and why it tanked yesterday. and what the ceo just said that could be great news for the u.s. chi. and john mcafee arrested -- economy. and john mcafee arrested.
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well, stocks are up slightly on wall street. they've been bouncing back and forth a bit this morning, following news that europe will hold off on economical stimulus measures and unemployment benefit applications dropped last week with is consistent with moderate hiring and showing the impact of supersandy is over. the dow is currently up 5. nasdaq is up 10 and the s&p up 1. one stock to watch today is apple. checking right now, apple stock is up nearly 1% right now. it lost 6.4% of its value -- of its value yesterday. on another note, tim cook says apple will produce one of its existing lines next year. earlier this week, i fix it said it's already finding
7:44 am
assembled in usa stamps on some i-macs. and samsung and apple return to a federal court today in san jose to start their next round of pattern battles -- patent battles. apple wants the judge to increase a $1 billion jury series for samsung infringements on apple patents. both companies are trying to gain leverage for similar suits in other countries. well, john mcaky may be reported back to -- john mcakey may be reported back to belize. he was arrested in guatemala for enter the country illegally. he filed the request for asylum in guatemala. he said he left belize to avoid police persecution. the man accused of pushing
7:45 am
another in the subway push. he said "i wouldn't leave him alone, so i pushed him." hundreds of stolen electronic items with rightful owners? here's a look at items investigators recently confiscated. they include 75 laptops, 100 cell phones along with many ipads and watches. investigators have arrested two brothers and a woman all in their 20s in connection with the theft. you can check to see if your property is part of the cash. visit and look under the web thinks section. overnight in egypt, five people were kill and more than00 injured in clashes between supporters and opponents of the country's president. there are tanks deployed outside of the presidential
7:46 am
palace. that's after fierce street battles. protesters are angry about sweeping new powers. president mohammed morsi gave himself and a quickly drafted constitution. the chief of says says the president will address the country later today and will share some important news. in russia, there's so much concern about the supposed my doomsday, the russian minister of the emergency situation says i have methods of monitoring what is occurring on the planet earth and i can say with confidence, the world is not going to end in december. december 21st, 2012 marks the end of the al qaeda and some people have -- calendar and some people have predicted the world will end that day. the a.p. says last year, at least a
7:47 am
dozen members of the state legislature had repairs done on state vehicles and those were made weeks before lawmakers bought the vehicles for their personal use. in most cases the work cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. >> the only state in the country that had this program finally ended the program because i think they saw some abuse. they also saw that voters didn't like the program, that it was a perk that they could give up. >> starting this year, state lawmakers are not issued cars anymore. instead, they are paid a mileage rate for using their own vehicles. you can go to to see the complete list of repairs done at tax payer expense. crick on the -- click on the hot topic situation. sunny dikes from louisiana is the new cal coach. he he's replacing jeff tedford
7:48 am
who coached cal to a 3-9 season. his previous experience -- he has previous offensive coordinator and coordinator q in arizona. you have until noon today to get tickets for the rosebowl. now, merchandise are hot items. demand is a lot greater than in 2000, the last time the cardinal went to pasadena. >> i would like to have my different shirts and items that will point to the actual date so i can show grandkids. >> some of the fans are paying between $50, $180. stanford will be paying wisconsin, the same opponent as the year 2000. will the hockey lockout end
7:49 am
any time toon? they say they had -- any time soon? they say they had late talks. still no word on what kind of progress has been made. they are hoping to reach a good deal to save at least part of the hockey season. the new call of duty, black ops 2 is setting records. it had a billion dollars in sales than the first 15 days in sales. half of the sales, by the way, came during the first 24 hours. and twitter users will not be able to use instagram to display images on the streams. instagram has disabled the twitter cards immigration system. it also rolled out web pages for the users last month. now when you click on the link, you are directed to the web page to see the picture. instagram is owned by facebook which makes it a direct rival of twitter.
7:50 am
7:49. well -- well, a san francisco dog owner pleading for a second chance. his dog attacked a police horse. allegations of cheating at the america's cup. the protocol team oracle is accused of breaking. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job.
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everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. -- there's nothing -- there's nothing like being home for the holidays. that's what an animal senter is hoping for dogs and cats. >> good girl! >> the san jose animal care center was designed to house 28 dogs. right now more than 100 live there. that includes a 4-year-old doberman mix named kona. >> she's been here since september 26th. that's a long time for a dog of this size with this type of energy. >> to help families adopt a furry new friend, the shelters
7:53 am
are dropping adoption fees. approved families can pick up a dog for a 9% discount and for a -- 90% discount for and for cats, a 7 a% discount -- 70% discount for a cat. a police horse was bitten by a pit ball. the owner of the dog is appealing the petition that that dog should be put down. the competition in the america's cup race is already starting. an italians are claiming that oracle broke protocol by planning someone in an inflatable boat and taking upclose pictures of the italian
7:54 am
and new zealand yachts. an international jury is considering this protest. experts say the progressions are overblown. 7:53. tara is here. >> there's a backup on the richmond bridge. we have some congestion. there is a large piece of metal in one of the lanes there. you can see it's a little bit hazy out there. it's difficult to see the traffic but the chp is on scene. they are trying to remove that piece of metal but there's some congestion westbound as you make your way towards san rafael. up next we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on they've been that way for a few hours now. down in the south bay, 101, san jose, a lot of slowdowns here, northbound as you make your way to the airport. 7:53. here's steve. skies are clearing on the coast
7:55 am
but there is a big old footprint of fog. you can see some of that 400 feet from the ground. also up around 1,000 feet. there is a lot leftover. but a little breeze helping to chew up some of that fog. cool air should be moving in later as the storm track stays to the north. looks like we're in a dry pattern for a while here. so some low clouds. it's going to be -- it's a -- it's tough to get the fog in the valley to turn off. there will be a lot of sunshine. north wind will kick in. that should take care of most of the fog. today, some of the fog, temperatures 60s, low to mid and i really don't think there will be that much of a difference between coast bay and inland areas. after that, it looks like
7:56 am
sunny. it should scour out most of the clouds. 7:55. britain's royal family is celebrating, the duchess of cam bridge has been released -- cambridge has been released from the hospital. there she is right there with the flowers, leaving with prince williams. she looks pretty good. >> she does. >> soo she's been treated for severe morning sickness since monday. the royals say this is still very early in her pregnancy. >> the hospital who has been treating the duchess of cambridge said they are sorry for giving out vital information to an australian radio host. they were tricked.
7:57 am
>> that was the phobe call. the radio station called the hospital pretending to be the queen. >> the nurse talked about the way she was sleeping and they got away with the prank. >> they were really concerned they weren't gonna get through. they are a little red-faced at the hospital right now. we're learning about a tragic accident on a marin county highway, how a child was involved. within the last 15 minutes, crews out here in san francisco made significant progress in their efforts to reopen a busy highway. we'll tell you about the morning accident that shut it down. a man has died after walking and crossing the street near a busy intersection. we'll tell you why police need your help and why people in the area are reacting this morning when "mornings on 2" continues.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we have developing news in san francisco where police opened some of the lanes of a street that was closed down after a driver smashed into a fire hydrant. claudine wong was there when
8:00 am
thousands of gallons of water shot into the air at folsom and essex. claudine's back right now. what's the latest, claudine? >> reporter: well, dave, it was quite a mess. they are making quick work now. let me show you essex at folsom. you can see two lanes are open. they just took off the tape 15 minutes off. here comes a car happy to see it's back open so they can get on the freeway ramp up the block from us. the crews had to replace a couple of different sections there after this accident, basically crushed part of it and left the firefighters who were on scene questioning kind of the integrity of the structure. they said they should be done very quickly with the second part and hopefully get this roadway open. let me show you the video. this is about 3:30 this morning. san francisco police say they tried to pull over a driver a couple of blocks away from here. that driver went through the
8:01 am
red light and then what they call fail to yield. and they came down to essex, tried to turn up the street, which would have been going up toward the the freeway -- towards the freeway, lost control, the fire hydrant sent fire shooting about 33 feet in the air you. the scaffolding was damaged -- in the air. the scaffolding was damaged from the impact and the firefighters on the scene were mott sure if anything was safe. so they shut down -- were not sure if anything was safe. so they shut it down. crews say they were able too replace the bottom structure and that's what they are doing right now. they are putting another one of those yellow support legs underneath. they are saying they are hoping to have this back open within a few more minutes. they've got two lanes of traffic open. they are hoping to get this back open and then hopefully here in downtown san francisco can get back to normal.
8:02 am
live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. one minute after 8:00. the search is on for the driver of a deadly hit and run in the south bay. the victim was hit crossing near white and kimby roads in east san jose. ktvu's janine de la vega is there now as police are asking the public to help them solve this case. >> reporter: good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. quite a few people we've been speaking to say they saw all of the police activity. they say that officers were out here investigating until 1:00 in the morning, you can see remnants of the police flares. on south white road. police say a man was crossing the street near quimby and white. the man was rushed to the hospital where he died late last night from his injury. police are looking for anyone with information about the hit and run. people who live in the area are stunned that the driver left
8:03 am
the scene. >> i think it's that. you know, i -- i see that too much and i read about it and i don't like it. [laughter] >> it happened right in your neighborhood. >> yes, it did. >> this is like the third accident. >> police have not been able to confirm if the man was jaywalking or if he was using the crosswalk. the intersection is very busy and there's a lot of pedestrian traffic. >> , especially at the time the accident happened -- traffic, especially at the time the accident happened which was 5:45 in the morning, the commute hour. i talked to the coroner and they said they are -- they are having a hard time locating this man's family. they say the man apires to be in his 50s -- appears to be in his 50s. one woman is dead and a child is injured after a car drove off the side of highway 1 in marin county. it happened at 8:15 last night, about one and a half miles north of the road.
8:04 am
the woman was driving southbound on highway 1. she crossed over the double yell row sent -- double yellow center lines and went down an embankment. authorities say the woman was dead at the scene and a 7-year- old passenger was transsported to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. some good news from coit tower. the historic murals inside about not damaged by water leaks. plastic sheets covering the murals protected them and the workers will secure the leaks at the end of the month. downed tree the kept workers busy. last night in mill valley, a fallen tree knocked down several power lines. but pg&e says no customers are affected this morning. and in san francisco's russian hill a tree crashed down onto a house yesterday morning. no one was hurt but the homeowner says that tree came within a couple of feet of his
8:05 am
head. there is a new dispute between crab fishermen and the people who sell it. crabbers say they heard last sunday that brokers plan to drop the wholesale price too $1.80 a pound. before thanksgiving, brokers agreed to pay $3 a pound. but brokers say the demand for dungeness crab has gone down. oakland police have now agreed to surrender authority of the police authority command stuff to a court-appointed director. this averts a federal takeover of the department and comes after the city failed to meet a judge's order to make reforms that would settle the police
8:06 am
brutality ban. critics say oakland police were slow in meeting reforms and federal monitors say the department stalled on tasks such as tracking problem officers and reporting the use of force. 8:5. tara -- 8:05. tara, you've been following some accidents. >> we have a couple of accidents to report in concord, one past walnut creek. if we take a look at at our mans, one 680 southbound is blocking traffic. northbound at stone valley road, this is in the alamo area. be aware of it. is looks like it's creating problems for folks. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. give yourself extra time. it's been like this for two hours. and those brake lights are southbound as you make your way
8:07 am
through fremont. what's happening, steve? >> well, there's thick fog and breaks in the clouds. peggy over in la fayette, orinda and also moraga, some thick fog. it's still there. most of it is higher. there are some areas where it is very, very thick. that will last through 9:00. low clouds fog, a little more of a breeze on the coast helping to stir things up a little bit. there's a big fog bank in the sacramento and san joaquin valley. sometimes a low process to burn that off. you need a breeze and we're getting some of that. the pattern has completely changed. it's no longer one that will favor any rain for a while. it will favor breeze and fog. and then i think the wind will take care of most of the fog. high pressure is building up in the gulf of alaska. that will drive cold air,
8:08 am
idaho, montana, the rockies and for us it will mean high and dry. i think we need it after seven days of rain. low clouds, some of that very, very thick. the fog bank, i don't think it's going anywhere. north wind, more of a northwest or west today but by the north wind that usually chews it up. we might have to wait until saturday. fog, sun, breezy. a little cooler than we saw yesterday with more of that northwest breeze. 60s on the temperatures. this time of year, very, very close. maybe warmer towards san jose. fog, nights and mornings and then after that, i think the wind turns north and takes care most of the fog. it's a dry stretch. looks like maybe most of next week. 8:07. it's a saddening for a missing sacramento-area couple. they were stranded in a snowstorm. 45-year-old paula lane was found alive off highway 88 in alpine county. but her boyfriend, roderick
8:09 am
clifton did not survive. brian hickey is in carson city right now. brian, you just talked to the mother of the woman who survived. what did she say? >> reporter: she's relieved that she survived this horrific ordeal and she's listed in stable condition being treated for hypothermia and minor frostbite. i talked to her on the phone and we're learning new details. it was originally reported that she was walking along highway 88 after making their way out of a remote area where they had gone 4-wheel drive site seeing. now we hoe -- sight seeing. her brother, not giving up the search around 8:00 last night, had gone up this remote road and found her walking out in knee deep snow and eventually called for her rescue and got her out of there.
8:10 am
we also know as she was coming out from the stranded vehicle, she did pass the body of her deceased boyfriend, who, at some point on thursday, where their jeep became stranded in the sierra, had gone out to get the jeep out before the storms rolled in. he did not make it. the family of paula lane relieved that she's alive. she's still coping with the death ofler boyfriend. >> it's like -- i know -- we were so close and yet, there was -- but so far away. it's -- it's like heartwrenching. >> reporter: they were stranded on thursday. that was just as that trio of storms battered the bay area, the central valley and
8:11 am
ultimately into the sierra came rolling through, dumping feet of snow, rescuers who finally went in and found clifton's body and the stranded vehicle, said the car was almost completely covered in snow, snow that wasn't there when she thirst -- when they first drove in. and so at this point, they've recovered his body and they will go out today to recover the vehicle and paula lane is recovering here at the hospital. they wish to thank all of the rescuers who searched the area from placerville to gardnerville, nevada looking for then. unfortunately, for clifton's family they didn't get the news they were hoping for. back to you. >> thank you, brian. ten minutes after 8:00. new oscar buzz this morning. the big award for a movie that's not even out yet. and two years after the japanese tsunami, debris is still washing up on shores. we'll tell what you just washed up.
8:12 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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there's some fog and there's a few breaks in the clouds. we'll see some sun later on. still 400 people missing after that deadly typhoon in the phillippines. it's killed at least 300 people. it also caused flooding andland slides. 250,000 people are still homeless. rescuers are struggling to get to hard-hit areas. more wreckage from the
8:15 am
tsunami washing up here on the u.s. a small boat washed up in hawaii on oahu's kahana bay. they are trying to figure out where that boat came from. the mussels on the boat, they are not from hawaii. we just -- we just got an updated schedule for president obama. the white house says the president will visit the home of a family in northern virginia this afternoon to talk about the impact of letting taxes go up on middle-class americans. it's another attempt by the president to put pressure on congress to extend expiring tax cuts for the middle class while letting tax rates go up for upper-income americans. the white house says the family in virginia responded to the president's my2can campaign.
8:16 am
the standoff over the fiscal cliff is putting jobs here in california and alison burns has more on this. >> reporter: and secretary panetta has warned the fiscal cliff would hurt our national defense. he's expected to hold a news conference any minute now. he's getting the order from the white house to brace for massive budget cut us. now, the automatic spending cuts that would kick in if congress does not reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff would force the pentagon to slice about 10% of the budget. the defense industry projects one in five defense contracts in california would be lost. the aerospace industry is projecting that 135,000 department jobs would be cut along with 90,000 jobs for a total of about 225,000 jobs
8:17 am
lost in california over the next few years. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. well, today will mark the 9 oth annual lighting of the national christmas tree. president obama and his family, they will flip a switch lighting that tree this evening. neil patrick harris, remember doogie howser? he will be hosting the event. james taylor and the fray will be among the group of perform. president calvin coolidge started this tradition back in 1923. well, free flu shouts are offered for all bay area youth between the ages of 4 and 18 at pharmacies at most local target stores. the paige family foundation set up by larry paige and his wife, they are paying for those flu shots. the adults often get immunized at work. this program makes it easy to
8:18 am
get kids immunized as well. more information at the grammys have been nominated and are out. "one" has been nominated and shares with five other artists and they will -- >> the 55th annual grammy awards will air on february 10th. a movie about the mission to kill osama bin laden is generating oscar buzz even though it's not yet out in theaters. that's arthe national board of review -- after the narcotic board of review named "zero
8:19 am
dark thirty" named 2012 for best picture. it's due out in theaters on january 11th. a very interesting holiday gift idea. a perfume that smells like pizza. pizza hut just launched its own perfume. they say it smells like pizza with a freshly-tossed bake hand dough as well. right now 100 boughtles are available in canada. but it's possible they -- bottles are available in canada. but it's possible they may be here on the u.s. shelves as well soon. a bakery is offering free bread for a year. coming up at 8:34. we'll tell you where it is -- 8:34, we'll tell you where it is happening now. 8:5. the federal government is suing a company that makes baby products. >> baby matters produces the nap nanny and chill infant
8:20 am
recliners. the consumer products safety collision had ordered a recall after -- safety commission had ordered a recall after an infant died after using the nap nanny. megabus is offering a deal, the low cost city-to-city express bus company is giving out 200,000 free tickets. megabus is known for selling a few seats on each bus for just $1 per trip. the company recently resumed service in the u.s. with a hub in san francisco. a gay blogger will be in a san francisco croom because of a controversial foe -- san francisco courtroom because of a controversial photo. the rain has moved out but some fog has moved in.
8:21 am
a look at 101 in san francisco. kind of slow going as you make your way to the bay bridge. we'll have more traffic hot spot the later -- hot spots later. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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8:23 am
♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. a california law will be challenged in court by gun lovers. they are appealing the california law that requires gun owners to show a good reason for carrying a concealed gun in order to get a license. that hearing begins at 9:00
8:24 am
this morning at the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco. a bay area blogger was in a san francisco courtroom to face charges for taking a photo of an elected official in a bathroom. the blogger pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct yesterday after posting a photo of supervisor scott wiener inside a city hall bathroom last october. there's the photo. the blogger often criticizers scott wiener on political issues. his attorney says the photo does not overstep any boundaries. >> we'll be fighting this case and think that despite the fact that the photograph was taken, we're talking fundamentally about a photograph of a gentleman at a sink. >> scott wiener says the photo is an invasion of privacy. the blogger is ordered to stay 150 yards awayed from supervisor. the blogger is due back in court on january 7th. there's some delays at sfo,
8:25 am
tara. >> yeah, we have some flights running 15 minutes behind schedule. so check with your carrier before you live. this is the east shore freeway. traffic is flowing nicely there side as you make your way to the macarthur maze. we've had backup since 6:00 this morning so give yourself some extra time. 237, milpitas, traffic westbound on the left side of your screen, folks driving towards sunnyvale. we have this stop-and-go action that's been going on for about an hour and a half. steve? >> we have a lot of fog out there. that probably won't budge until the weekend. there's a few breaks over san jose. a couple of [on the three cameras there --
8:26 am
a couple of breaks there on the three cameras there. temperatures in the 60s. i think on the weekend, dave, we can look forward to a lot of sun. not any rain. >> that sounds good to me. >> yeah. after a week of -- after a week of rain, we need it. a deadly fire here in san francisco. we are learning more about the victim and we'll have an update on why investigators think this fire may have been suspicious. >> reporter: we're live in sunnyvale, where dozens of people are waiting in line for something that's truly san francisco. we'll tell you what it is -- coming up as "mornings on 2" continues. n?x
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we're getting new details about a fatal house fire in san francisco. it happened on st. charles avenue last night about 8:0. ktvu's christien kafton has been there since 4:30 this morning. i know you are talking to neighbors. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, neighbors have a lot to say about this. they are concerned about their friend and neighbor who they have lost. but first, we just got an update from san francisco police in the last couple of minutes who confirmed that this fire is not suspicious. it appears to have been accidental in nature. take a look. you can see there's still a lot of debris left over by the fire. neighbors are telling us that one woman lived in the home. a woman in her 60s. she was the only victim of the fire last night. firefighters were called to the scene and discovered her body up there on the second floor of this home. now, that fire broke out shortly after 8:30 last night. when crews arrived on scene, they say flames and smoke were
8:30 am
pouring out of the windows. firefighters quickly obtained the fire. now, we spoke with one neighbor who knows a woman who died and tell us he was shaken by what he saw here last night. >> i was there and i seen the firefighters bring her body down. they put her right there by the garage. i was there. nobody told me anything. neighbors asked me was that dean andy confirm it was dean. >> was -- and i confirmed it was dean. >> reporter: the fire damaged so much of the home and the floor joist and it's not safe to be inside. jose says fire investigators told him last night that the fire appears to have started in the kitchen of the home. again, we're just confirming in the last few minutes here that this fire does, in fact, to be accidental in nature. we do know that a very intense situation was underway because of the intensity of the fire. firefighters say when they
8:31 am
first arrived on scene, fire was pouring out of the -- out of the windows and they needed to make sure in their investigation and confirm, in fact, that this was, in fact, an accidental fire and that's, what, in fact, it appears to be. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:30. in overnight news, oakland police investigating the hit and run of an oakland police officer. an unidentified lieutenant was in the 600 block of washington street when a vehicle hit him and took off. that officer had minor injuries but didn't have to go to the hospital. so far no arrests have been made. in overnight news, contra costa county sheriff's office detained a possible suspect in the homicide in pleasant hill. police found the victim's body about 9 healthcare last night
8:32 am
at the offramp of 680 and concord avenue. there is a homeless camp in the area. investigators will probably give us more details later today. it is 8:31. new this morning, student groups at two bay area universities, one a competition for grant money from the u.s. environment protection agency. each student group will be awarded $15,000. san jose state's project involves researching sustainable inexpensive building components. stanford's group wants to develop a low-cost colorrennation device to -- chlorination drinking device. groups will go to washington, d.c. to present their findings and the winner of that competition gets a second grant up to $90,000. local democrats are asking the president to create a new no-drilling ocean preserve in california. the proposed executive order would ban offshore drilling in
8:33 am
a 50-mile-long area from sonoma to mend see know county. the "-- men so dino -- mendocino county. lawmakers, including senator barbara boxer, and lin wasly, are spear heading the drive -- lin wasly, are -- lynn woosley, are spearheading the program. there's higher rates from the p.u.c. the city says customers will pay between $11 and $95 more than the previous hike. customers will be able to opt out and have pg&e supply their power again? the operators of the oldest repsyche -- the operators of the recycling center said they will continue to sort out items
8:34 am
despite an evacuation order from the city. the city said yesterday was the deadline for it to shut down. the evacuation was not enforced. 8:33. 100 lucky people have been waiting in line all morning in anticipation of a special gift from a new bakery. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us live from sunnyvale with details on the prize giveaway. it must smell really great here, brian. >> reporter: it does, tori. and the free prize, 365 free loaves of bread for an entire year. this is what people are waiting in line for. inside this tent is -- inside this tin is the vouchers for one -- one sourdough loaf every day for a year. that's what people are in line for. 00 people are in line right now -- 100 people are in line right now. let's go to the fernando, the
8:35 am
master baker. >> good morning. >> reporter: talk to me about the process of making sourdough bread. >> we've been making the same -- using the same recipe, flour, water, salt and a piece of the mother dough that dates back to 1849. just four simple ingredients, to make this wonderful bread in the world. san francisco bodine is just together. with all of the -- with all of the same process and -- it's just amazing. >> reporter: you've been the master baker for 30 years. >> over 30 years. >> reporter: and you have such a rich history in the bay area. talk to me about that. >> bodine is the oldest business in san francisco, continue usely all of this time -- continuously all of the time. you can see you have over 100 people lined up. it reminds me when the gold
8:36 am
minors used to lineup at bodine to get their loaf of bread. almost the same thing. just so proud people are willing to spent the -- spend the night over to get their sourdough bread from bodine and for sunnyvale and people in the south bay, now they can enjoy the bread at fisher man's war of as well -- fisherman's wharf as well. >> it makes me so proud for me and my bakers for bodine that making every day a loaf of bread for them, it's just amazing. >> reporter: okay. that's the latest here in sunnyvale. if you are trying to be one of the people that are trying to get the free loafs of bread for the entire year. sorry about that. of course, you can come out here and get the bread.
8:37 am
the chp says it will give us new details later today about the suspects arrested in connection with carquinez bridge tollbooth robberies. ktvu news broke the story back in february. at least two toll takers had been robbed on the bridge. the armed robbers have been on the loose for months. 8:36. tara is back. we have some traffic hazard out here in the east bay. >> as you get onto 880 from west winton avenue, the lights are all green. so it's causing near collisions. be careful. it looks like we are having a lot of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. right now let's take a live look at the bay bridge. you can see both directions are looking good at this hour. we had some problems with the fog. but it seems like it's lifted. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the problems that i'm talking about here, congestion all the way to the macarthur maze. give yourself extra time in the
8:38 am
city. and highway 4 through bay point. this has cleared up a lot. we usually see sluggish traffic there toward the bottom of your screen. right now, things seem to be moving along nicely. >> let's check in with steve. look how green the hills are. after about a foot of hayne, i would hope so. there's a big footprint in the valley. that might not burn off -- it will burn off on the coast. some areas, a lot of low clouds. a few breaks also have some very thick fog on the low deck. 50s on the temperatures. a little bit cooler than what we saw the last few days. closer to 60. the entire pattern is changing. our seven, eight days of rain, we're shutting the door. everything is going to develop. high pressure is building. first signs of it there in the gulf of mexico which is going to drive some very cold air. that would be idaho, montana and for you, it looks like high pressure is here for maybe 7, 10 days. we have morning fog, low
8:39 am
clouds, coast had some for a while. it looks like it's going to bush off rapidly in the valley. that may take a while. dry forecast, north wind kicks in. once you start to get the north wind that's a drier wind. you will see the fog go from north to south. if you have to drive out to the valley, be careful. that fog can be really thick from sacramento to bakersfield. 60s on the temperatures today. maybe a few upper 50s. very low 60s. not much of a change here. we're kind of stuck in this pattern. if anything, i think we might see a cooler pattern. it will be sunny and dry. it looks good as we go into your weekend. 8:38. it looks like oakland boxing champ andre ward will have to reschedule. "sports illustrated" is reporting that he injured his shoulder while training. he was scheduled to fight on the 2th of january. he holds the wba belt.
8:40 am
he's called call -- south carolina republican jim demint will resign next month to become the president of the conservative think tank, the heritage foundation. he was leader of the tea party caucus. he advocated term limits and lower taxes. bill clinton says he doesn't know if his wife will run for president in 2016. former president clinton is here in the bay area for a three-night appearance as part of the celebrity forum speaker series at deanza college in cupertino. now, responding to an audience question, he says hillary clinton is in breath shape and has unbelievable stamina but she needs to rest before deciding what she will do next. secretary clinton sas shade she doesn't want to continue as secretary of state for president obama's second term. there's developing news coming out from afghanistan.
8:41 am
afghan president hamid karzai criticizing the u.s. during an interview with nbc news. president karzai blamed u.s. and nato forces for some of the insecurity in his country. he says he doesn't like the fact that hundreds of afghan praisers in are still being held -- prisoners are still being held in u.s. custody which goes against the agreement he signed with president obama in march. he said he told president obama he would not sign any more security agreements with the u.s. until the prisoners are transferred back to the afghans. 20 minutes before 9:00, a south bay handyman held captive for hours. how he finally managed to escape the ordeal. and why john mcafee was arrested in guatemala. what officials there may do with him today. and good news out here in san francisco. crews are making some final repairs just about to reopen this street. we're gonna tell you about the accident that shut it down early this morning when
8:42 am
"mornings on 2" comes back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
well, the stock markets are wobbling back and forth between small gains and losses in trading today, waiting to see what happens with the fiscal cliff. apple's stock bouncing back after yesterday's big selloff.
8:45 am
right now it's up about 2%. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 22. the nasdaq is also up 22. s&p is up 3. the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits dropped for the third week in a row. this morning, the labor department announced 370,000 people filed initial claims. they say it's a sign nearly all of the effects of superstorm sandy on the labor force have evaporated. this report comes a day before the government releases its closely watched job survey. there are reports that hiring sank last month because of sandy. a new study shows if taxes go up on upper-income americans, the passage of proposition of 3 -- of
8:46 am
proposition 30, raised the tax rate for california's highest income earnser -- earners to 13.3%. if the bush cuts expire at the end of the year, that would brick the overall tax rate for higherners in rainfall -- high earners to 51%. this afternoon, president obama will visit a family in northern virginia. he will be talking about the importance of congress extending tax cuts for middle- klaas americans. it's all -- middle-class americans. it's tall about taking action to avoid the fiscal cliff by the end of the month. back here, san jose police investigating a dadly hit and run. last night a man believed to be in his 50s was killed while crossing the intersection at white and kimby roads. he's the -- qwimby roads.
8:47 am
the investigation continues. and essex street is opening back up after being closed by a violent early-morning crash. the driver hit a fire hydrant at folsom street while police were trying to pull him over. claudine wong has been on this story all morning. you are back. >> reporter: that's right, dave. within the last minute, the crews have cleared out. you can see the street is back open for business. i think the building inspector for the city just left. you can see one gentleman picking unfinal pieces. this cleared up and they will be able to allow the buses and the taxis back in and get everyone back to normal. let's show what it looked like earlier this morning so you get a idea idea what it was. we just showed you video of this fire hydrant shooting water 30 feet in the air. that happened after a san francisco police officer tried to pull the driver over after that driver ran a red light. the driver took off. it went down a couple of blocks
8:48 am
and played a turn onto essex at folsom, lost control, slid into the scaffolding and then into the fire hydrant. there was damage from the collision and also damage from the water that was shooting in the air for about a half-hour. the fire department just shut the street down just as a precaution because they want to the make sure that scaffolding was stable. the crews told me the repairs weren't that complicated but they did take time. but it did shut this area down. but back here live at essex and folsom, everything is back home. and traffic is getting back to normal out here. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 8:47. new this morning, recreational use of marijuana is now legal in washington state. people smoke pot under the seattle space needle after the
8:49 am
law took effect. technically, it's not legal to smoke pot in public anywhere. you cannot sell marijuana either. the federal government sent out a warning saying marijuana is still illegal under federal law. congratulations. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] >> lus at the stroke of midnight, same-sex couples, like this couple of 35 years, earned the right to get married in washington state. dozens liked up shortly after the governor signed a voter- approved gay marriage measure into law yesterday afternoon. anti-virus software founder john mcafee could be deported back to belize. he was arrested in guatemala for entering, the country illegally -- entering the
8:50 am
country illegally. 8:49. the movie theater in aurora, colorado, the one that was the scene of a shooting rampage in the summer is due to reopen on january 18th. that rampage happened in july during a midnight premiere of the newest batman movie. 12 people were shot and killed. 58 were wounded. that theater has been going through remodeling. it will be showing free movies during the first few days of the reopening. colorado university has released thousands of e-mails linked to that accused theater shooter, james holmes. there are reports that a university psychiatrist reached out to campus police after holmes talked about filling -- killing a lot of people. he allegedly made the comment six weeks before the rampage but his psychiatrist decided against putting him on a hold because he was withdrawing from the university. holmes is being held without bail. he's due back in court next
8:51 am
week. a morgan hill couple is facing felony charges accused of kidnapping a handyman and forcing him to work around their home. santa clara county sheriff deputies say the couple lured the mandyman to their home under the pretense of needing -- handyman to their home under the pretense of needing work. he was held against his will, his life was threatened and he was forced to do repairs. he was held for seven hours. he imagined to escape and driven to another home being forced to do more work. the department of public works says the recent storms stirred up sediments in the main water source of alpine creek. it could take three, four days until the creek's clarity returns back to normal. until then, the district will be importing watter from a different source further away. new this morning, there could be new hopes for
8:52 am
international agreement on how to end syrian's 21-month-old civil war. secretary of state, hillary clinton, will be meeting today with the russian foreign minister. this is secretary clinton in dublin ireland today for a human rights conference. but behind closed doors, she will be meeting with her russian counterpart and that u.n. envoy talking about syria. the u.s. and russia have been on opposite sides of that conflict in sirah -- conflict in syria. however today's meeting is suggesting a possible compromising. all of this comes as fox news reports, the syrian military is mixing deadly chemical weapons. the syrian government has not confirmed they have these weapons, saying only it could not use -- it would not use that type of weapon against its people. president obama has warned of serious consequences if the
8:53 am
syrian government uses those chemicals in that civil war. allegations of spying on the high seas. the america's cup controversy involving the oracle racing team. and we're looking live outside of traffic. that's the bay bridge toll plaza. tara is coming back, one more commute look.
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in about 30 minutes a hearing will get underway in san francisco to determine the
8:56 am
fate of a pit -- pit bull that attacked a u.s. park patrol officer's horse. the horse named stony was bitten by a pit bull named charlie at crissy field back in august. animal officials say the pit bull should be put down but the owner is appealing the decision. the pauper reports that 70,000 people have signed and online petition in support of saving charlie. the america's cup begins in september but competition has already started behind the scenes. the italians are accusing the americans of spying, claiming the americans planted someone in an inflatable boat and taking upclose images of the italian and new zealand lot. an international jury is considering the protest. but experts say the alleged transgressions are overgrown. well, dennis allen will be back on the sidelines tonight for the game against the denver broncos but his heart will be
8:57 am
heavy. he just came back from texas where his father died at the age of 66. tonight's game by the way is at the oakland coliseum. before today's game, nfl commissioner rocker goodell will speak at a fan forum at oracle arena. about 150 raider season ticketholders were selected to be part of this. the event will commemorate 50 years of the hall of fame. it will include former stanford, john elway, and john madden and howie long. 8:5. we want to check in with -- 8:5 six. we want to check in with tara. >> we're seeing a lot of backup in richmond almost to vallejo. be aware of it. right now we're gonna take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's not gotten much better here over the last few hours. it's been like this for about three hours now. definitely give yourself extra time as you head into the city.
8:58 am
san francisco, 101, you can see we have some backup here as you are making your way towards the bay bridge. that's on the far left side of your screen and 880, we have some pretty heavy -- pretty heavy northbound. kickoff at 5:20's game against the broncos, so expect some traffic later on this evening. here's steve. >> thank you, tara. parts of the coast already sunny. at least partly sunny today. about the same on friday and then it looks like a north wind should take care of most of that fog. so sunny, dry as we go into the weekend. maybe dry for the next seven, ten day us. >> no rain in the forecast. >> no rain. >> maybe around the 21st. >> colder weather pattern. >> all right, steve. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting the news -- the ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to watch us at noon.
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we're always here at thank you for joining us.


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